Freitag, 1. Mai 2009

Greater New York Quartette - My old Kentucky home

Diese Aufnahme ist zwar 40 Jahre jünger, aber vom Standpunkt der Gegenwart auch schon 107 Jahre alt. Sie entstand 1901 in New York City.

Columbia cylinder master 9019-2, rec. New York, late 1901.This is a very early cylinder made from a very early mould (up to 1901, cylinders were recorded directly on the wax, meaning popular artists had to sing the same tune over and over again). Columbia still used soft brown wax at the time, so this is a quite nice copy of this particular recording, even though it is a little moldy.On this record John Bieling has already replaced the groups original 1st Tenor Roger Harding, who died in 1901. Bieling started his carreer with the Manhansett Quartette (likely the very first quartet on record), later sang with the Haydn Quartet (in which Porter also replaced baritone S.H. Dudley several years later) and together with Porter was one half of the famous „American Quartet.

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